PM-reluctance motor for godet drive

Permanent excited reluctance motors

PM-motors with rotorcage for line start

The pm-excited reluctance motors are an alternative to the reluctance motors and can be used in identical applications typical for synchronous motors.

PM-reluctance motor for godet drive

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  • PM-reluctance motor for godet drive
  • PM-reluctance motor for godet drive
  • Geared pm-reluctance motor for spinning pump
  • PM-reluctance motor for machine application
  • PM-reluctance motor with cooling disc for heated godet drive

They differ to the reluctance motors by the pm-magnets which are implemented inside the rotor body (NeFeB). These magnets allow a higher utilisation of motors togehter with impoved electric figures (less current consumption, higher power factor and efficiency).

Pm-motors contain a higher moment of inertia, for applications which include an acceleration of large external moments of inertia, special testing might be usefull. Pm-motors are available 4-pole in metric frames 63 to 80.

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